IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications
2-5 May 2022 // Virtual Conference

The Second IEEE INFOCOM Workshop on Networking Algorithms - Call for Papers

The Second IEEE INFOCOM Workshop on Networking Algorithms (WNA)

Call for Papers

Organized in conjunction with

IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications, 2-5 May 2022

(1st WNA 2020:


Network traffic becomes extremely fast in recent years. How to efficiently forward and measure network traffic is a challenging issue. Networking algorithms are exciting research fields, and have recently drawn much attention from computer networks, and can be easily applied to many other fields, such as data mining, stream databases, as well as social sciences and other disciplines. Networking algorithms also attract increasing attention from researchers to study rich data-related and data-driven problems. Networking algorithms are ultimately transforming science, engineering, medicine, healthcare, finance, etc. Thus, WNA 2022 aims to provide a forum for both industry and academia to exchange ideas about algorithm design, layout, and applications in the context of heavy network traffic.

Today’s networking algorithms still need to overcome many challenges in the face of  variable network traffic. Improvement of performance, throughput, scalability and response time demand more exploration in algorithms, in terms of sketching, flow scheduling, load balancing, caching and so on. WNA 2022 would encourage networking specialists to develop algorithms, and welcomes papers that present novel theoretical and practical ideas as well as work making progress, from areas including, but not limited to:

  • Network measurement algorithms
  • Algorithms in switches and routers
  • Sketching algorithms
  • Bloom filter algorithms
  • Hash table algorithms
  • Flow scheduling algorithms
  • Load balancing algorithms
  • Applications of maching learning algorithms in networking
  • Data mining of network traffic
  • Network anomaly detection algorithms
  • Implementation of networking algorithms in programmable switches


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